Quality Assurance: Yes. It’s important.

There’s not much to it. If you pride yourself in the work you do, in the projects you manage, you are of the firm belief that quality supersedes speed and cost.  Employing a robust and highly skilled QA team is critical for piece of mind – and to ensure your deliverable is squeaky clean. I have worked with dozens of QA resources over the years. The best ones are those that argue. The ones that stand firm in their persistent belief that something is wrong and that it needs to be addressed. Often times we find shortcuts or simply present sloppy work. Perhaps the developer ran out of time. Perhaps the QA budget reached it’s maximum budgeted hours. I can assure you that the long term cost (reputation, or otherwise) of a site glitch sets a precedent as to the threshold of passable work.

Paul (QA): Hey, I sent that ticket back yesterday. The error notification is still incorrect for Android, in particular for tablets. Can you let me know when you’ll have the updated release for another review?
Jim (Dev): Yeeaahhh, I think it’s fine since it looks OK on iOS. And it’s only intermittent.
Paul: Oh. OK. I only bring this up since it was the very first requirement within the functional specification. But I’m sure the client won’t mind since they only have the latest version of Android deployed on all 400 tablets across the company. No big whoop.
Jim: I’m sure they won’t notice. I’m busy fixing the menu colour.
Paul: Cool cool cool. OK then. I’m just going to send the client a bundle of rocks duct taped together with a scrap of toilet paper that reads ‘Dis yo newezt Appz v.25.1’. I’m sure it’ll be fine.
Jim: Ugh. Fine, I’ll take another look.
Paul: Don’t forget the French version – ‘Le Rock avec le tape de duct’.
Yes. It’s important to invest in a solid QA team. This way, we all learn not to repeat past errors. Your reputation is only as good as your last project. Be like Paul.
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